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Morganite & Rhodocrosite Crystal Gemstone Bracelet

Morganite & Rhodocrosite Crystal Gemstone Bracelet

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High-quality, crystal gemstone bead bracelets handmade with love and infused with reiki energy.

Made with real faceted morganite and rhodochrosite crystal gemstones, 14K gold spacers, and stretch elastic rope.

Healing Properties of Morganite: Assists you in connecting to Divine Love and the Universal heart frequency.  Helps to move you out of judgement and separation and into a more holistic emotional state. Aligned with angelic energies, it can be used to connect with and receive guidance from angels. Its helps teach protection through love, rather than fear.

Healing Propertied of Rhodochrosite: Helps to heal a broken heart and promotes unconditional love. Attracts love, alleviates past hurts, and heals issues of self-worth, and deep emotional issues.

Healing Properties of Gold: Carries the energy of the Sun, stimulating your will to grow and stretch beyond your current experiences. Stimulates the emotional body assisting you in overcoming fear. Brings joy, excitement, and optimism into your energy field. evokes strength and determination.

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